Pure bliss for your feet and/or legs.

Apply the lightly tingling foam and experience its unique revitalising and cooling effect.

The fragrance notes of cedar and vetivert have a magical effect on your senses. They bring you into oriental spheres through their warm, spicy and woody scent.

The use of a complex technology protects the skin from outside influences.

With its unique composition of ingredients, the formula reduces unpleasant odours.

Menthol is well known for its antibacterial effect, while alcohol provides better hygiene.



  • cooling
  • menthol is known for its antibacterial effect
  • unpleasant odours are avoided
  • reduces swelling from overexertion
  • silky soft feeling for all skin types
  • reduces the burning sensation of badly swollen feet and/or legs
  • reduces the friction between your skin and your shoes